Our work
Our Work
ProbeStation 100

designed for lab or small-scale production electrical testing

• Fully automated sample holder for fast characterization
• High accuracy current measurements with fully triaxial connections
• Multiple-sample testing in continuous mode• Up to 4 semi-automated probes
• Digital microscope with LED lighting
• External LCD for probes positioning
• Keithley compatible software
• 2D sample positioning with trackball
• Software for measurement automatization
• Automatic FET parameter extraction (mobility, threshold voltage, etc.)
• Compact design for glove-box installation

Our patents

Patent RU 2 675 667, Date of publication: 21.12.2018. (PCT application dates: 1.03.2018)
Мethod of selective determination of thе concentration of gas-containing mercapto-containing and/or amine-containing compounds by means of a gas sensor on the basis of organic field-effect transistor and device for selective determination of the concentration of gas-bearing and/or amine-containing compounds

Patent RU 2 676 860, Date of publication: 11.01.2019. (PCT application dates: 9.01.2019)
Gas multi-sensor based on organic field-effect transistors (options) and device for analysis of multi-component gas mixture of the “electronic nose” type on its basis.

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