Printed Electronics Technologies ‍
a research company founded in 2015 to perform R&D in the field of organic thin-film transistors technology
Our mission is to develop technology and end-user products for the next generation electronics.‍
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Printed Electronics Technologies
a research company in the field of organic and printed electronics

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Our primary objective is the development of new technology for gas sensing based on Organic Field Effect Transistors. Our research opens new perspectives for the OFET-based gas-sensing technology and pave the way for easy detection of the polar gases like NH3, H2S, EtSH, NO2, enabling the development of complex air analysis systems based on a single sensor. Research is carried out with the grant support from the Skolkovo Foundation.


Key features

high sensitivity

due to monolayer-thick active layer it is sensitivy to 100 ppb level of NH3, H2S etc

tunable selectivity

library of receptor layer allows to easily tune selectivity towards desired application

low cost

due to solution processing at room temperature


As well as developing the technology from the scratch, we build prototype devices running it.
PGA 100 is portable gas analyzer which is suitable to test our sensors outside of the lab in the search of a key application


Company news


International Fall School on Organic Electronics (IFSOE-2018)

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International Fall School on Organic Electronics

Printeltech has successfully organized the 6th International Fall School on Organic Electronics (IFSOE-2020) held on September 14 - 17, 2020 in online format.

Skolkovo research project on gas sensor technology succesfully accomplished

Printeltech LLC has succesfullty accomplished Skolkovo research project "Gas sensors based on printed electronics". The company demonstated the sensor technology based on organic field-effect transistors and the gas analyzer prototype PGA-100, illustrating the capabilities of the technology.

Our patent was included in list of 100 best Russian inventions by Rospatent

Printeltech patent "Gas multi-sensor based on organic field-effect transistors (variants) and one of the variants of the device for analyzing a multicomponent gas mixture is accepted. The patent was included in the list of patents of the Russian Federation included in the Rospatent database “100 best inventions of Russia” for 2018.