A combination of low limit of detection, low power consumption, and portability makes OFETs chemical sensors promising for various applications in the areas of industrial safety control, food spoilage detection, and medical diagnostics.
Our sensors are able to operate in air and allow an ultrafast detection of different analytes at low concentrations down to tens of parts per billion. The sensors are reusable and can be utilized in real-time air-quality monitoring systems. We show that a direct current response of the LS OFET can be split into the alteration of various transistor parameters, responsible for the interactions with different toxic gases.
1. Sensor fabrication
  • Based on the BTBT derivatives
  • Self assembled semiconducting monolayer
To induce selectivity to target gases we are covering our sensors with receptor layers based on metalloporphyrins with different metal atoms.
2. Working principal
  • Gas physisorption
  • Charge trapping
Absorption of polar molecules on the surface changes local field distribution and trap charges, thus can be registered by changes in the transistor current.
3. Recovery
After sensing the devices recovers to the initial state relatively fast.
The sensors are able to operate at room temperature in air with relative humidity up to 100%.


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